Project Working Groups

Project Working Groups

At Temple, all accessibility standards and guidelines evolve out of eight working groups in conjunction with the steering committee co-chairs. These groups are made up of individuals representing various aspects of information and technology available across the University. 

Accessibility Project working groups include:
Project Working Group Working group Leader
Steering Committee Co-Chair Barbara Dolhansky, Interim Vice President
Steering Committee Co-Chair Stephanie Ives, Associate Vice President
Steering Committee Co-Chair Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Vice Provost
Steering Committee Co-Chair Fay Trachtenberg, Associate University Counsel
Project Manager  Brent Whiting, Director
Instructional Materials Lori Bailey, Director
Training/Web Site Lead (CS) 

Pamela Barnett, Associate Vice Provost


Gail Gallo, Assistant Director

Web Review and Audit Ron Vitale, Director
Assistive Technology Andrea Seiss, Senior Associate Dean of Students
Online Learning Daniel White, Associate Vice Provost / Director
Library Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian
Administrative Systems Steve Hazzard, Director


Donna Schweibenz, Assistant Director