Accessible Technology Compliance Committee

Accessible Technology Compliance Committee

The Accessible Technology Compliance Committee (ATCC) develops, reviews, and approves all guidelines and standards related to the Accessibility of Information and Technology policy. Members of this committee work closely with project working groups  to create guidelines that make information and technology accessible to all users in accordance with applicable law.  The committee is also responsible for reviewing, and approving or denying, exception requests.

The Accessible Technology Compliance Committee includes the following members from different university units:
Position Individual
Chair Susan Hyer, Assistant Vice President
Project Lead Brent Whiting, Director

Darin Kapanjie, Assistant Professor

Jeremy Schipper, Associate Professor

School / College technical staff

Lori Bailey, Director

Center for the Advancement of Teaching Stephanie Laggini Fiore, Senior Director
Computer Services

Paul Paire, Executive Director

University Marketing Ron Vitale, Director
Disability Resources and Services Stephanie Ives, Associate Vice President
Aaron Spector, Director
Digital Education Daniel White, Director
Human Resources

Sharon Boyle, Associate Vice President

Provost Office Betsy Leebron Tutelman, Senior Vice Provost
Library Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian
University Counsel Fay Trachtenberg, Associate University Counsel
Facilities James Templeton, Director
Equal Opportunity Compliance

Andrea Seiss, Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator