Viewing and Hiding Subtitles in Zoom

Viewing and Hiding Subtitles in Zoom

Zoom Transcript / Subtitle Settings

The live transcript will be enabled by the meeting/webinar host and all participants can toggle the visibility of the captions/subtitles.

Zoom Bottom Toolbar with Live Transcript Button Highlighted


How to adjust your transcript visibility.

  • Live Transcript Submenu

    • Click on the up-pointing caret to access the submenu
      Note: If you do not see the Live Transcript menu along your Zoom bar at the bottom of your meeting, please click on the More menu and you should see all of the same Live Transcript items reference below.
      Live Transcript submenu view

  • Hiding Subtitles
    To entirely hide the subtitles, simply tap or click on Hide Subtitle within the submenu
    Note: You may also move the subtitles, by simply hovering over them and dragging them to a preferred location on the screen.

  • Show full/searchable transcript
    If you wish to see a text based full transcript, click on View Full Transcript.  This will open a panel within zoom similar to the chat panel.  At the top of the Transcript panel, you will see a box where you can search the full meeting transcript for a word or topic.  You can close this panel the same way as others with the down-pointing caret in the panel

Transcript Panel Close Caret Highlight

  • Adjust Subtitle Settings
    If you wish to make visual adjustments to the displayed subtitles, click on Subtitle Settings. On the subsequent screen, you will be able to adjust the subtitle size as well as make changes to any other Zoom accessibility settings.